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Parking Office Receives Teammate Award from Intercollegiate Athletics

From football to basketball, volleyball to hockey, sports are alive and well at Penn State--and that means hundreds of student athletes participating in regular practices on campus. Chances are not many of us consider where all those athletes park their cars when they show up for practice. That's where the Parking Office comes in.

Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics recognized the Parking Office at Penn State University Park with the External Teammate of the Month award for September 2016.

Sandy Barbour, director of Athletics, gave credit to parking allocation manager David Dorman and his staff for assisting above and beyond expectations in guidance with student athlete practice parking, mentioning that the staff often helps with last-minute travel parking changes and weather-related parking issues with student athletes and coaches. "We sincerely appreciate that they always keep us informed and work behind the scenes to make the parking experience better at Penn State," Barbour says.

Dorman appreciates the recognition on behalf of all Parking Office staff. "It really is our pleasure to serve all our customers, and we're proud to count Intercollegiate Athletics as one," he says. "I give the credit to our team because it's only through their efforts and hard work that we can provide the level of service we do. We appreciate the cooperation and support of the coaches and staff within Intercollegiate Athletics."