West Deck

Additional YAS/West Deck permits for off-campus students now available for purchase online

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Additional YAS/West Deck permits are now available for purchase by off-campus students via the online parking portal. Rates are prorated weekly, and the current prorated rate will display at checkout.

Students will need to print out a temporary permit to use until they receive their official permit in the mail once they complete registration. 

Off-campus students interested in a YAS/West Deck permit who already have a current parking permit may register for a YAS permit but will need to return their current permit to the Transportation Services Office for a prorated refund. 

These permits were made available after review of the current use of the West Deck had determined that more permits could be made available while still maintaining ample parking for both current permit holders and visitors parking at the deck. 

For questions, please contact Transportation Services at 814-865-1436 or email [email protected]