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CATA spring 2020 service changes

Friday, January 10, 2020

The following is a summary of service changes that take effect with the start of the CATABUS full-service schedule on Saturday, January 11, 2020.  Complete detailed route and schedule information is available below, and by calling CATA’s Customer Service Center at (814) 238-CATA(2282) during normal business hours.


Red Link

  • The Dunham Hall Stop (Stop #572) at West Campus has been permanently closed as the result of construction.  A turnaround for the end of the route and modified stop location have been placed at the E-E Sci Building (Stop #571).


G (Stormstown) Route

  • Service on the G Route has been eliminated beyond Gray’s Woods Boulevard into Stormstown and Halfmoon Township as the result of trending low ridership.  The route has been renamed the G (Gray’s Woods) Route and now travels as far as the Gray’s Woods Elementary School.

  • As the result of the change in routing, there have been revisions made to the existing timetable. Visit for more information.

HM (Nittany Mall/Toftrees) and HU (Toftrees/University Terrace) Routes

  • A pair of stops have been added to both the HM and HU Routes on Fox Hollow Road at Big Hollow Road (Stops #788 Fox Hollow at Big Hollow Rd and #789 Fox Hollow Rd opposite Big Hollow Rd).

NV (Havershire/Martin/Vairo/Toftrees) Route

  • All final late-night trips on the NV Route now end at The View and do not return to downtown State College.

XB (Bellefonte) Route

  • While no changes have been made to the XB Route, an additional CATAGO! microtransit pilot program has been put into place alongside the route and will provide additional complementary on-demand shared ride service. CATAGO! is a shared-ride on-demand transportation pilot program that will service Bellefonte, from the correctional facility on Benner Pike to Weis Market, following CATA’s existing XB (Bellefonte) Route, and encompassing an additional 3/4 of a mile area.  In addition to the service area noted, another three stops are available to riders, allowing for easy transfers to the CATABUS system: the Walmart Benner Pike, the Mount Nittany Medical Center, and the Porter Road CATABUS stop at the Jordan East Lot on Campus.

  • Service will operate Monday through Friday, from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., and Saturday, 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Vehicles include bike racks to aid in multimodal commutes, and service is ADA and wheelchair accessible.

  • Fare for the service mirrors CATABUS fares. General fare is $2.00 per one-way trip. Persons 65 and over with a Senior Transit ID Card and children under 40” ride free, and persons with a valid U.S. Medicare Card or CATA Reduced Fare Card ride for $1.00 per trip. A complete list of fare options can be found by visiting

  • The process for using the service is simple, as riders are encouraged to download the TransLoc mobile app, where they can choose their pick-up and drop-off locations within the service area and request a ride. Payment for fare is then accepted on the vehicle upon pick-up. Those without a smartphone may also book online rides at! and by calling (814) 237-1821.

  • During the six to nine month pilot program, regular CATABUS and CATARIDE services will continue to operate as-is. 

  • For additional information on this new service in Bellefonte, please visit the CATA website at!, or contact CATAGO! staff at (814) 237-1821.

XG (Pleasant Gap) Route

  • Two pairs of stops have been added along the XG Route to best service the Spring Brae and Terra Sylvan communities (Stop #784 Blanchard St at Terra Sylvan; Stop #783 Blanchard St at Rosewood Cove; Stop #782 Blanchard St opposite Meredith Ln; and, Stop #785 Blanchard St at Meredith Ln).