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Spring 2021 student parking registration begins Jan. 13-15

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Student parking registration for the spring 2021 semester will be available exclusively online at on the following dates:

  • Wednesday, Jan. 13 at noon (Off-campus long-term storage - P43)
  • Thursday, Jan. 14 at noon (Resident student permits - B11, L22, L42, L81, L82, YWH, L83)
  • Friday, Jan. 15 at noon (Off-campus student Commuter - SCR)

With in-person classes not scheduled to begin until Monday, Feb. 15, each student will need to decide when the purchase of a permit is appropriate for them. Permit rates are prorated on the first day of each month and may be viewed on the Transportation Services website. Please note that refunds for unused time will not be issued for those who purchased a permit before it was needed.


  • Active Penn State ID and Access account
  • License plate(s) information (vehicles must be owned by the student or a member of the student's immediate family)
  • Completed at least 29.1 credits, with the exception of commuter and graduate students


Upon completion of the registration, students print a temporary permit to display on their dashboard for immediate parking. Students may return to their account to print the permit if a printer is not available when completing the registration.

Permits will be mailed to the student's local or campus address. To ensure prompt and accurate delivery, students must enter the complete address, including the street number and apartment number. Failure to notify the State College Post Office of a new off-campus address through submission of their green address change card before registering for a permit may prevent permit delivery.

Once the permanent permit has been delivered, the printable temporary permit must be discarded and the permanent permit displayed on the rearview mirror of the vehicle.

Any students encountering issues while attempting to register for a permit are urged to avoid double-clicking or using the back button, as these actions may result in errors with your transaction. If issues arise while attempting to complete the registration, please exit the site and contact Transportation Services for assistance.


General student parking registration will not be available at the Transportation Services office. However, students eligible for upgrades, such as select graduate assistants, student athletes, and those with a state-issued Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) placard, must visit the Transportation Services office to obtain an upgraded permit. General student parking registration must be completed online prior to applying for any upgrades. Students registering for short-term, one-day, or motorcycle-only permits must also register at the Transportation Services office.


CATA will continue to operate on its Reduced Service schedule through Saturday, Feb. 13. Full service will resume Monday, Feb. 15.

CATA will continue to operate Monday through Saturday only, with no Sunday service on any routes. Service will operate on all routes until approximately 10 p.m. nightly, Monday through Saturday. When operating on its Reduced Service schedule, available CATA campus service will include only the Blue Loop and Red Link - White Loop and Green Link service will not be available. Full details on CATA service changes may be found at the CATA website.

White Loop service, which was suspended for the fall semester, will not be offered during the spring semester. Blue Loop, Red Link, and Green Link service will all be available when full service resumes on Feb. 15.

Riders can review CATA's overall plans and passenger protocols for Fall 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic at the CATA website.


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For more information regarding student parking registration, please email [email protected] or call (814)865-1436.