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Staff Directory Listing

Rob DeMayo
Director of Transportation
Ryan Givens
Associate Director of Transportation
Cecily Zhu
Alternative Transportation Programs Coordinator
(814) 863-7574
Jason Thomas
Special Projects Coordinator (Marketing/Communications)
(814) 867-5379
David Dorman
Parking Allocation Manager
(814) 863-5684
Luke Anderson
Parking Supervisor
(814) 863-6656
Frank Pope
Event Parking Coordinator
(814) 865-2268
Sam Diehl
Fleet Vehicle Maintenance and Service, Vehicle Manager
(814) 865-7572
Keith Biesel
Fleet Services Manager
(814) 865-9855
Cherie Verbeck
Transportation Coordinator
(814) 863-6330
John Hoover
Dispatch/Fuel Cards, Fleet Dispatch
(814) 863-7888
(814) 238-2282