Buying Fuel

Fleet vehicles in the local area must fuel at the Fleet facility. If you are outside the local area and need fuel in a fleet vehicle use the Wright Express card (located in the visor packet).
Do not use your Penn State Purchasing Card.

Most major fuel franchises within the U.S. accept the card. The Wright Express card works at "Esso" stations in Canada. If an Esso station cannot be found, you will need to use personal funds and fill out a Fuel Reimbursement form (pdf) upon your return and include the original receipt.

When using the Wright Express card, please remember the following:

  • Use 'regular 87' fuel.
  • Prior to turning off the vehicle, make note of the odometer reading. After swiping the card you must enter a PIN or ID number then the vehicle's odometer reading.
  • If you do not know the PIN number, please contact Fleet Operations or your department's contact for Fleet Rental Vehicles.  Regardless of the terminology used at the tank, the PIN number is just the one number provided. (Please note: If you have a departmental vehicle that is not a Fleet rental, your fuel card will have a different pin number.)
  • If you are unable to utilize the fuel card for your fuel transaction, you may do one of the following:
    • Call the number on the key fob and listen carefully to the entire message, as it will provide you with a cell phone number you may call to reach of the Fleet Managers who can assist you.  Please do not call the 800 number on the back of the fuel card, as Wright Express will not provide the PIN number.
    • You may also use your personal credit card, but you must obtain a receipt. (Note: Penn State Purchasing Cards are not authorized for fuel purchases on Fleet rental vehicles.)
  • The fuel card must be returned with the vehicle. The reservation will not be considered ended until the card is returned.
  • Do not top off the fuel tank before returning the vehicle.