Vehicles parked in a lot


Parking is available at locations across campus, with different options available for students, faculty and staff, and visitors. Most campus parking areas require a valid permit or payment (where available) 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Student parking lot 42

Student Parking

View permit eligibility and registration for living areas.

University Park parking lot

Faculty/Staff Parking

Permit options and rates vary for full and part-time employees.

Driver taking a ticket from the machine

Visitor Parking

Many parking decks or lots are available for your campus visit. 

Real-Time Parking Deck Information

Visitors and non-deck permit holders can check availability of visitor parking at the East, HUB, Nittany, and West decks 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via the Mistall website.


The information provided below shows users how to interpret the symbols used on the website:

  • Green Smiley Face/Good Parking Availability – This means that the deck has plenty of parking available.
  • Yellow Straight-Line Face/Fair Parking Availability – This means that the deck is nearing capacity and there may only be a few spots available.
  • Red Frowny Face/Poor Parking Availability – This means the deck is full and only available to assigned permit holders and those with a valid ADA parking placard.

Note: Capacity summaries do not apply to permit holders assigned to any of the parking decks, as Transportation Services holds spaces when the decks are closed to other parkers to ensure that permit holders are able to park at their assigned location.

Service/Delivery/Contractor Parking

Find a permit for your business to park on campus

Commonwealth Campus Parking

Find a parking space at University Park or another campus.