Driver Qualifications and Responsibilities

Driver Qualifications
Driver Responsibilities
Traffic Penalties & Fines
Fleet Visor Packet Cards/Information
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Driver Qualifications

To rent a sedan, wagon, four-wheel-drive vehicle, or 7-passenger van from Fleet Operations, you must: 

  1. Be a University employee

  2. Be at least 21 years old

  3. Have a current United States driver’s license

Alternate drivers may operate the vehicle provided that the employee who signed for the vehicle is present and the alternate driver meets all three of the above criteria.

Employees between ages 18 and 21 may only drive University vehicles if:

      1. They have documented completion of a University-sponsored driver training program during the time of their University employment

      2. Their motor vehicle record has been checked by the University's Office of Human Resources and found to contain no moving violations

      3. Driving is a significant responsibility of their approved job description

Employees under the age of 21 may also act as a relief driver when accompanying a faculty or staff member on a long trip (4 hours or more each direction), without regard to items 1-3 above.

Students: Undergraduate students are normally not permitted to drive University-owned, leased, or rented vehicles. A student can only serve as a driver for University business (other than a relief driver as described above) if they meet the requirements above AND if they are acting as an employee as part of the trip, AND driving a vehicle is part of their University job description. However, students may act as relief drivers when accompanying a faculty or staff member on a long trip (4 hours or more each direction). In the case of a rental vehicle, a student relief driver must be properly insured for the vehicle being driven, by noting the additional driver on the rental agreement at the time the vehicle is rented. Students employed on “work-study” assignments are NOT permitted to drive vehicles, as a condition of their federal funding.

To rent a large passenger van from Fleet Operations, you must: 

  1. Be a University employee

  2. Be at least 25 years old (exceptions may be made for individuals 21-24 years of age who have a commercial driver’s license)

  3. Have a current United States driver’s license

  4. Complete online training and testing modules on van operation - requires prior approval from Fleet Operations. Call 814-865-7571 or email [email protected] for online training access.

All van occupants must wear seat belts. Large passenger vans may not be used to tow trailers.


Fleet vehicles are to be used to conduct official University business only and must be returned to Fleet Operations in good operating condition. Drivers must obey all traffic laws and comply with Fleet regulations.  Policy BS20 University Vehicle Operation or Use includes specific policy with regard to Fleet.

Vehicles are not to be used for shopping, personal errands, or other similar activities and are not to be operated by a driver who is under the influence of alcohol. Consuming alcoholic beverages in a University vehicle is also strictly prohibited. Fleet Operations will deny vehicle privileges to any employee who violates these guidelines.

  • No cell phones or electronic devices are to be used while driving unless they are hands-free.

  • Seat belts must be worn at all times.

  • No smoking in vehicles.

  • Pets and/or animals are not allowed in vehicles.

Due to deck clearance heights, parking of large passenger vans in campus parking decks is prohibited.

Traffic Penalties 

In the event of a violation, the driver of the vehicle is responsible for paying any penalties and/or fines incurred. The University will not reimburse the driver for these payments. 

Fleet Visor Packet Cards/Information

The vehicle registration card, insurance card, and Wright Express fuel card, Risk Management vehicle accident report fprm, and Spotted Lanternfly form are located in the visor packet holder above the driver’s seat. Please check that these are located in the driver’s visor pack prior to departure. Wright Express fuel cards may be used only for gas, oil, and emergency repairs that have been authorized by Fleet Operations. These cards must be returned with the vehicle. When traveling to urban areas, customers should remove the Wright Express fuel card and the owner’s card and keep the cards with them until they return to the vehicle.  


The cost of $1,000 deductible collision insurance is included in the rental rate. In the event of an accident that is chargeable to the University driver, the department paying for use of the vehicle will be charged the first $1,000 for repairs.  

For an additional fee, drivers/departments may purchase zero-deductible insurance. Those who wish to purchase zero-deductible insurance for a daily rental may do so at the time the request is submitted online or when picking up the vehicle. In the case of long-term rentals (also referred to as full-time assignments), the driver should indicate his or her preference for zero-deductible insurance on the Full-Time Vehicle Assignment Request form. Zero-deductible insurance costs $3 a day for daily rentals and $20 a month for long-term rentals

If abuse or misuse of a vehicle is found to be the cause of vehicle damage, the department is held responsible for the full cost of repairs. 


Any damage to a fleet which must be reported by completing a Vehicle Accident Report Form (pdf) and forwarding it to Penn State’s Risk Management Office within 48 hours. If the vehicle is inoperable, contact fleet operations immediately at 814-865-7572. If it is after hours a voice message will give you a cell phone number to call.

If you are involved in an accident in which someone is injured or killed, or if any vehicle involved is damaged so extensively that it cannot be driven, you must notify the state or local police immediately.