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Transportation Services launches RideOn app for ride-matching and trip planning

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Transportation Services has announced the launch of a new service to help Penn Staters get to, from, and around campus. 

RideOn is a free ride-matching platform available exclusively to Penn State faculty, staff, and students where users can find ride matches for daily carpooling and one-time trips, such as weekends, holidays, or when their regular form of transportation is not available.

Drivers can earn money to cover travel expenses like gas and toll fees by filling extra seats in their vehicles while helping fellow Penn Staters in need of a ride.  

The platform aims to encourage more sustainable travel by making it easy to share rides and find transit and biking routes.

The RideOn platform also includes the following features: 

  • Find Commute Options 
    • Find available carpools, bike, transit, and walking partners, transit options, Spin bikes, and more all in one place
  • Trip Logging 
    • Log how you travel to and from campus each day to track the sustainability of your trips. You also connect to your Garmin, Polar, Under Armor, and Fitbit smart devices to automatically log your activity. 
    • Tracking your trips, specifically those that involve carpooling, transit, or active transportation like biking and walking, can earn incentives and rewards when available (coming in 2024).

To get started: 

  • Download the Penn State RideOn mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store or visit 
  • Use your Penn State credentials to sign in. 
  • Create a Trip Profile from the side menu. 
  • From the dashboard, post a carpool, search for ride options, or log your commute. 

For questions or more information on the RideOn platform, email [email protected]