Rates include the cost of fuel and $1,000-deductible collision insurance. Zero-deductible insurance can be elected for an additional charge of $3.00 per day for daily rentals and $20.00 per month for Long-Term assignments.

E-ZPass transponders are included in all daily rental Fleet vehicles, with any toll charges direct billed to the same account as the reservation. University departments with long-term rental vehicles that wish to add E-ZPass may bring their vehicles to Fleet Operations on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. to have E-ZPass transponders installed.


**Mileage rates are subject to change based on current fuel prices.

**All occupancy numbers include passengers and driver.

Vehicle Rental Rates
Bus Rental Rates
Fleet Driver Service Rates

Vehicle Rental Rates

Daily Rental* Charges Long-Term Rental* Charges
Category Daily Mile Monthly
Base Rate
Over 1,000 Miles/Month
Mid-size Sedan
( Ford Fusion, Chevy Malibu)
311 $34.00 $0.12/mile $707.00 $0.26/mile
Mid-size Hybrid
(Ford Fusion, Chevy Malibu)
Limited number available
350 $38.00 $0.10/mile $744.00 $0.25/mile
Full-size Sedan
(Chevy Impala)
411 $38.00 $0.14/mile $744.00 $0.29/mile
Large passenger van
(Chevy Maxi-Van)
(15 occupants total, including driver)
(Airport trips - 10 occupants & luggage)
511 $96.00 $0.18/mile $1,094.00 $0.36/mile
(Dodge Caravan)
(7 occupants total)
521 $63.00 $0.17/mile $839.00 $0.35/mile
Mid-size 4WD
(Jeep Patriot, Ford Escape)
720 $57.00 $0.16/mile $813.00 $0.38/mile
Full-size 4WD
(Ford Explorer)
(5 occupants total)
755 $75.00 $0.17/mile $922.00 $0.38/mile
Large 4WD
(Ford Expedition, Chevy Suburban)
(8 occupants total)
760 $93.00 $0.19/mile $1,149.00 $0.36/mile

*Anything over 14 days is considered a long-term rental and requires prior approval by the Budget Executive and Financial Officer via a written paper request form.

A professional driver can be added to any Fleet vehicle rental - see below for current Fleet Driver Services Rates or visit the Driver Services page to learn more.

Bus Rental Rates

Type Category Price
(5 passengers due to social distancing requirements)

(minimum of 2 hours)
or $3.60/mile, (whichever is greater)

Fleet driver required - see Fleet Driver Services Rates below

Contact us for a quote

All Buses
(8-10 passengers due to social distancing requirements)
834 (All buses)

(minimum of 2 hours)
or $3.60/mile, 
(whichever is greater)

Fleet driver required - see Fleet Driver Services Rates below

Contact us for a quote

Fleet Driver Services Rates

Weekdays Weekends University Holidays
$50.00/hour $58.00/hour $72.00/hour

Note: Fleet Driver Services Rates do not include the cost to rent a vehicle. See the Vehicle Rental Rates and Bus Rental Rates above for rate information on each vehicle type or contact us for a quote.