Rates include the cost of fuel and $1,000-deductible collision insurance. Zero-deductible insurance can be elected for an additional charge of $3.00 per day for daily rentals and $20.00 per month for Long-Term assignments.

E-ZPass transponders are included in all daily rental Fleet vehicles, with any toll charges direct billed to the same account as the reservation. University departments with long-term rental vehicles that wish to add E-ZPass may bring their vehicles to Fleet Operations on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. to have E-ZPass transponders installed.


**Mileage rates are subject to change based on current fuel prices.

**All occupancy numbers include passengers and driver.

Vehicle Rental Rates
Bus Rental Rates
Fleet Driver Service Rates

Vehicle Rental Rates

Daily Rental* Charges Long-Term Rental* Charges
Category Daily Mile Monthly
Base Rate
Over 1,000 Miles/Month
Mid-size Sedan
( Ford Fusion, Chevy Malibu)
311 $34.00 $0.12/mile $707.00 $0.26/mile
Mid-size Hybrid
(Ford Fusion, Chevy Malibu)
Limited number available
350 $38.00 $0.10/mile $744.00 $0.25/mile
Full-size Sedan
(Chevy Impala)
411 $38.00 $0.14/mile $744.00 $0.29/mile
Large passenger van
(Chevy Maxi-Van)
(15 occupants total, including driver)
(Airport trips - 10 occupants & luggage)
511 $96.00 $0.18/mile $1,094.00 $0.36/mile
(Dodge Caravan)
(7 occupants total)
521 $63.00 $0.17/mile $839.00 $0.35/mile
Mid-size 4WD
(Jeep Patriot, Ford Escape)
720 $57.00 $0.16/mile $813.00 $0.38/mile
Full-size 4WD
(Ford Explorer)
(5 occupants total)
755 $75.00 $0.17/mile $922.00 $0.38/mile
Large 4WD
(Ford Expedition, Chevy Suburban)
(8 occupants total)
760 $93.00 $0.19/mile $1,149.00 $0.36/mile

*Anything over 14 days is considered a long-term rental and requires prior approval by the Budget Executive and Financial Officer via a written paper request form.

A professional driver can be added to any Fleet vehicle rental - see below for current Fleet Driver Services Rates or visit the Driver Services page to learn more.

Bus Rental Rates

Type Category Price
(33 passengers total)

(minimum of 2 hours)
or $3.60/mile, (whichever is greater)

Fleet driver required - see Fleet Driver Services Rates below

Contact us for a quote

All Buses
(44 passengers total)
834 (All buses)

(minimum of 2 hours)
or $3.60/mile, 
(whichever is greater)

Fleet driver required - see Fleet Driver Services Rates below

Contact us for a quote

Fleet Driver Services Rates

Weekdays Weekends University Holidays
$50.00/hour $58.00/hour $72.00/hour

Note: Fleet Driver Services Rates do not include the cost to rent a vehicle. See the Vehicle Rental Rates and Bus Rental Rates above for rate information on each vehicle type or contact us for a quote.