Student parking permit

Student Parking Registration


    All students (undergraduate, graduate, continuing education, part-time, full-time, or adjunct) wishing to use parking facilities at University Park campus, (at any time, for any reason), including Innovation Park, must register their vehicle with the Transportation Services Office and, while parked on campus, properly display an authorized parking permit.

    Resident students and off-campus students wishing to store vehicles on campus must have completed at least 29.1 approved credits to be eligible for on-campus parking (not required for summer session parking). See the section below for information on applying for an exception to this restriction.

    Except for Penn State Commonwealth Campus students not enrolled in classes at University Park, Penn State students and employees are not considered visitors.

    Other requirements/regulations:

    • Providing false or misleading information on permit application will result in immediate revocation of parking privileges and forfeiture of all fees paid.
    • Vehicles must be registered by the first day of class each semester or by the first business day following arrival on campus.
    • Students may only register vehicles owned by them or by a member of their immediate family (parents or siblings).
    • A non-refundable processing fee of $25.00 will be assessed for all lost or stolen permits. This is not a replacement fee. The fee must be paid regardless of whether or not a new permit is issued.
    • Permit holders are responsible for reporting all address and license plate changes immediately to the Transportation Services Office. Failure to report these changes may result in tickets being processed to collections, at which time additional fees are assessed by the collections agency.
    • All permits remain the property of Penn State and must be returned upon request.
    • Permits may not be transferred, sold or duplicated. Violators will incur a fine, be referred to Student Conduct and have their parking privileges revoked.

    Visit the Student Parking Regulations page for a complete list of student parking regulations.

    First-Year Student Parking

    Students who do not meet the minimum credit requirement, but have extenuating circumstances that may support having access to a vehicle on campus may email [email protected] for information on how to submit a formal parking request. Before doing so, however, students and their families should first review other available local and regional transportation services. Please note that parking space availability on campus allows a very limited number of these requests to be granted.

    Fall 2021/Spring 2022 Registration

    Fall 2021/spring 2022 student parking registration is now available - online parking portal

    All permits are sold on a first come, first served basis. PermitDirect™ will provide a printable temporary permit allowing students to park immediately.

    Students eligible for upgrades (such as select graduate assistants and student athletes) and students with a state-issued Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) placard who wish to purchase a supplemental parking permit for core parking access must visit the Transportation Services Office to obtain these permits. General student parking registration must be completed online prior to applying for these options. Students registering for short-term and one-day permits must also register at the Transportation Services Office.

    To ensure prompt delivery, off-campus students must provide their full local address (including street number, street, and apartment number, if applicable) when registering for a permit. In addition, any students moving into a new residence in State College must notify the local Post Office of their residency prior to registering for a permit, as this is required to receive any mail at a new address.

    Residents of Nittany Apartments must use the following address format in order to receive their permit:

    600 E. Pollock Road
    Apt. #, Nittany Apts.
    State College PA 16801

    Visit the Resident Student Permits and Off-Campus Student Permits pages for more information on student parking permit options.


    • Lot 22 (Eastview Terrace residents may purchase a Lot 83 or YAS/West Deck permit)
    • Lot 42 (Nittany Apartments residents may purchase a Lot 83 or YAS/West Deck permit)
    • Lot 81 (South/Pollock residents may purchase a Lot 83 or YAS/West Deck permit)
    • YAS/West Deck (off-campus student allotment sold out; still available for resident students)

    New West Deck Permit Option for Student Storage Parking

    With the opening of the West Deck at West Campus, a new student long-term storage permit will be offered for the 2021-2022 academic year. Beginning with the fall 2021 semester, the new YAS/West Deck permit will be available to all eligible students living both on and off-campus. This option will be available as a dual-semester or single-semester permit at the same rate as the Lot 43 off-campus long-term storage permit.

    Please note that motorcycle parking is not permitted at the West Deck. Off-campus students in need of long-term storage for a motorcycle must purchase a permit for Lot 43, while students living on campus may purchase a permit for their eligible core parking area (if available) or a Lot 83 permit.

    Update: YAS/West Deck permits for students living off campus are sold out for fall 2021. Lot 43 permits remain available for off-campus students needing long-term overnight storage parking.