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Vehicle Reservations


The Fleet vehicle reservation system will be offline through Sunday, July 5, while the University transitions to its new financial system, SIMBA.
During this time, all Fleet vehicle reservation requests should be sent to [email protected].
We apologize for any inconvenience. If there are any questions, please email [email protected].

Daily rentals include 14 days or less. For longer periods of time, consider Long-Term Reservations. To make a reservation for a daily rental, submit a request online via the Fleet Vehicle Reservation Form. (This is only available with proper authorization through from your Financial Officer). "ADBA" (IBIS) access from your financial officer is needed to place reservations. After a successful request is submitted, the driver, requester, and appropriate budget person(s) will immediately receive an automated email acknowledging submission.

To change, modify, or cancel any reservation, contact Fleet Operations at 865-7571.


Any time you rent a vehicle for longer than 14 days, it is considered a long-term rental (previously called a Full-Time assignment). The typical long-term rental periods are Fall & Spring semesters and one year, but in certain circumstances vehicles may be rented for shorter periods of time. Contact Fleet Operations at 814-865-7571 or [email protected] for more information.  

To request a long-term rental, you must complete a Long-Term Vehicle Assignment Request (pdf) form available online or call Fleet Operations (814-865-7571) for assistance. The completed and signed form is to be mailed to Room 1, Fleet Operations Building, University Park, PA 16802.  


Vehicles assigned on a long-term basis must have a log available in order to record the various drivers, destinations, and time and mileage out and returned. These are provided at the time the vehicle is rented. If additional copies are needed, please email [email protected].

The individual maintaining logs and vehicle keys will verify the vehicle operator is in possession of a valid driver’s license.