Bicycle Registration

Please refer to the Rules & Regulations page before operating your bike on campus. In order to be registered and issued a permit, each bike must be in a safe mechanical operating condition and be equipped as follows:

  • A red reflector on the rear, visible for a distance of up to 500 feet
  • A headlamp is required if the bicycle is operated at night - headlamp must be visible for a distance of 500 feet
  • An amber reflector on each side of the bicycle

Bicycles must be registered and display a current Centre Region permit. The permit issued on the University Park campus is identical to the one issued by the Borough of State College. Bicycles registered by the Borough of State College are valid on the University Park campus, and those registered at University Park are valid in the Borough of State College. All of the information in this section also applies to mopeds.


Click here to register your bike for free through the Penn State Bike Index page. Permits are mailed the following business day to the recipient's local address.

Can't find your bike's serial number? Check out this great guide from Bike Index.

Any bicycle without a current permit properly displayed is considered unregistered and subject to receiving the appropriate violation. Upon expiration of the permit, the bicycle must be re-registered. 

Registrations and/or permits are not transferable. In the event of the sale of a bicycle, or transfer of ownership, the new owner must register the vehicle in his or her name.

Why should you register your bike?

  • Assists police if your bike is lost or stolen and then recovered
  • Provides data to Transporation Services so that we provide adequate bike resources (parking, repair stations, etc.) for the Penn State biking community
  • Required per Centre Region ordinance and Penn State University policy

Placement of Permit

The permit must be affixed to the seat tube or on the seat post. The permit must face and be visible from the front of the bicycle. The seat tube or post must be clean and dry for the permit to adhere properly.